Inspiring and Supporting young people seriously injured through sport

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Who We Are

The Matt Hampson Foundation inspires and supports young people seriously injured through sport. Through expert physiotherapy, specialist personal training, support, mentoring and advice, the Foundation helps people with life-changing injuries to get busy living again.

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What We Do

The Get Busy Living Centre is the brainchild of founder and ex-England and Leicester Tigers rugby player Matt Hampson OBE, who himself experienced a life-changing injury in 2005 leaving him paralysed from the neck down, aged just 20. 

By becoming part of the community that Matt has created, beneficiaries of the Foundation are able to draw on the experience and knowledge of people who have been on the same journey. They develop the tools and skills they need to move on as they start to rebuild their lives. The centre becomes a place where they can feel normal again and be part of an active social scene as they retrain themselves to focus on what they can do - not what they can't.

Eventually beneficiaries progress to the point where they become the ones providing the support to others. This in itself is a huge part of their rehabilitation and being able to help others provides a real sense of purpose and identity.

The Foundation helps people get busy living again after a life-changing injury - whether it’s helping them get back into sport or supporting them in adapting to their new life. 


Who We Help

All of our beneficiaries have different stories to tell, but they all share one thing in common; a determination to overcome adversity and a desire to get busy living. 

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How You Can Help

There are a multitude of ways you can help the Foundation raise vital funds to support our work with our beneficiaries. 

Follow us on social media, share our posts and tell your friends and colleagues about our work.

With your help we can make a huge difference to the lives of young people seriously injured through sport.

There are many ways you can donate as an individual or as an organisation.

We have a full calendar of events for the coming year including dinners, golf days, sporting challenges and festivals!

Join us at an event or organise your own to support our work.


A Massive Thank You To Our Sponsors