Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

Our Purpose
To inspire and support young people seriously injured through sport.

Our Mission
To create a support network of people seriously injured through sport and their families to help each other by sharing knowledge and experience.

Our Aim

To provide advice, support, relief and treatment for anyone suffering serious injury or disability which has primarily arisen from participation in or training for any sport or sporting activity.

The Foundation offers expert physiotherapy and specialised personal training from its state-of-the-art gym as well as nutrition and health advice.

Building a sense of community is central to the Matt Hampson Foundation. In the aftermath of an incident which leads to a life-changing injury most people and their families feel isolated with an overwhelming sense of loss for what has been taken away from them.

By becoming part of the community that Matt has created, beneficiaries are able to draw on the experience and knowledge of people who have been on the same journey. They develop the tools and skills they need to move on as they start to rebuild their lives. The centre becomes a place where they can feel normal again and be part of a strong and active social scene as they retrain themselves to focus on what they can do - not what they can’t.

Eventually beneficiaries progress to the point where they become the ones providing the support to others. This in itself is a huge part of their rehabilitation and being able to help others provides a real sense of purpose and identity.

Matt Hampson chose to get busy living after sustaining his life-changing injury in 2005.

This is the philosophy behind everything the Matt Hampson Foundation does; we help people get busy living again after a life-changing injury - whether it’s helping them get back into sport or supporting them in adapting to their new life. All our beneficiaries are getting busy living again post-injury and we are proud of every single one.