Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport


My name is Aaron and I started schoolboy motocross when I was 7 years old. I was very successful at the sport, accumulating 72 trophies in the 8 years I competed for as well as playing rugby and football with my friends. In 2006 I was left paralysed following an accident on my motocross bike. Following my injury I was very keen to continue with my life, returning to college and I began playing wheelchair tennis. After leaving college I went to Brunel University to study sports science and unfortunately my uni work meant my opportunities to play tennis were limited.

During my first year at university I was very fortunate to be offered a sponsorship to compete in a race car. Part of this meant that I would need to gain a National B racing license from the Motor sport association. When I was awarded this license in 2009 I became the youngest ever disabled person to achieve this. I have been racing in the Production BMW Championship for the past 4 years and am the only disabled driver.

I attended the Paralympic hand cycling in 2012 at Brands Hatch, a circuit I have raced on many times myself. It was here that I saw Alex Zanardi win his second gold medal. This inspired me to start hand cycling but I was stuck as they are very expensive. I travelled to Leicester to meet Matt in 2013 as I wanted to provide peer support to people with similar injuries to mine. Matt asked me if there was anything the foundation could do for me when I mentioned about wanting to start handcycling. I managed to raise some funds towards the cost but the foundation still provided the majority of the money needed.

My handcycle has given me a new sense of freedom and a form of exercise that I really enjoy. Shortly after receiving this Matt asked me to take part in the cyclothon UK event in September 2014. The event was absolutely brilliant and the team f 4 that I was part of were the only handcyclists to take on the challenge. The Matt Hampson foundation is an excellent charity that provides its beneficiaries with a brighter future by inspiring them to focus on what they can still achieve. Through helping me to get my handcycle, they have given me something to channel my energy into and given me a new passion.


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