Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport


I'm Bret Crossley, I'm 39 years old and live in Leeds. I was a successful motorcycle racer, winning over 130 races and 6 club championships, competing on short circuits and road courses in the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and at Oliver's Mount Scarborough in England. It was at the latter however that in September 2006 I had a serious accident, colliding with another rider and being thrown off my motorcycle into a fence post at high speed. My injuries were numerous, the worst being a spinal cord injury (despite wearing a back protector) that has left me wheelchair dependent for life.

I spent over a year in hospital in total recovering from my injuries, during which time I tried a few sports but none of them held any real interest to me. I believed at the time that those were just about all that I would be able to do. It was always going to be hard to get excited however after having experienced the high speed adrenaline rush of racing motorbikes!

It was only after taking part in a multi-activity course in Keswick in July 2009 with BackUp that I realised there were so many more sports and activities available to me. I tried out kayaking, hand-cycling, wheelchair basketball and I went Sit-Skiing in Colorado read more...


My name’s Carl, I am 32, a dad of 3 wonderful children and husband to my lovely wife. Life was great…...