Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport


I was 21 when in 2004 I broke my back in a skiing accident on my university ski trip out in Les Deux alps. In a split second by going too fast into a jump and over shooting the landing, my life changed forever. As I landed I sat back and the shock went straight up my spine and shattered my L1 vertebrae. I knew straight away that I had done something bad just not quite sure at the time what it was. I was taken straight to Grenoble hospital where they told me that ‘I would never walk again’ At that point I didn’t know what a disabled life would be like or what the future would hold!

I spent two weeks in France before being flown back to England and taken to Stoke Mandeville. I spent the next four months in Rehab pushing myself as hard as I could to recover what I could. It was a case of being born again learning to sit up, Wheelchair skills to get around, how to go to the toilet again!!  

I had always been an active, outdoors, adventurous and sporty person, the thought that I might have lost many of the things that I had taken for granted frightened me, but I knew that I was still the same person and that I wouldn’t let my wheelchair or disability stop me finding a way. Read more...


My name’s Carl, I am 32, a dad of 3 wonderful children and husband to my lovely wife. Life was great…...