Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport


The Foundation is a non-judgemental organisation and does not discriminate against potential beneficiaries on the grounds of race, gender, social background, sexual orientation, lifestyle or religious beliefs.

Potential beneficiaries are often referred to the Foundation through various pathways such as, medical institutions (hospitals, medical practitioners), sports clubs, families, friends, acquaintances and other charities/organisations.

The Foundation provides assistance to improve the quality of life and wellbeing for young individuals
(see note 1) who have sustained catastrophic injury (see note 2) through sport or the pursuit of other physical recreational activities.

Assistance may be provided by the Foundation in (but is not necessarily restricted to) the following areas:

  • Mentoring and friendship
  • Information and advice
  • Financial assistance
  • Technology and equipment

The Foundation may not always provide assistance, usually where assistance of equal or greater measure is readily provided by the State or other Organisations/Charities, where this is the case the Foundation works with individuals to identify and signpost to the relevant Organisation that can better assist them.

Do I qualify for assistance?
Each person who needs assistance is assessed on a needs basis, usually during a visit from a representative of the Foundation, if you think you or someone you know meets the qualifying criteria detailed below, please get in touch:

Have you or somebody you know sustained an injury whilst undertaking a physical activity such as sport or another recreational pastime that involves physical exertion (see note 3) or through accident or misadventure during an everyday activity.

Are you or somebody you know suffering from a serious disability that is the outcome of any such injury.
Has the Injury had an overwhelming effect on your or their day to day life in that you/they require the assistance of others to carry out normal everyday tasks.

For more information contact

1. 'Young' is defined by the Foundation as 'from school age to 30'. This definition does not however preclude anyone whose age falls outside of this definition from applying to the Foundation for assistance.

2. A catastrophic injury can be defined as one that leaves a person suffering from permanent disability and has serious, long-term effects on the individual involved.

3. These activities can be described as those that require considerable physical effort; they may also require an element of skill or mental dexterity.



We know that the most successful events are those that are run with safety in mind, please read below some advice that will hopefully stop you from accidentally breaking any laws. Health and safety is all about common sense. Follow the professional advice of equipment manufacturers and the staff supervising any facilities. Please note that The Matt Hampson Foundation cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you or anyone else as a result of taking part in a fundraising event.


Please take great care when handling food and work to basic rules for safe preparation, storage, display and cooking.


Make sure any electronic or paper record you keep about people involved in a fundraising event complies with the Data Protection Act. As a rule of thumb, don't keep information about people any longer than you have to, and don't share information or data about someone without their permission. Also you should dispose any records in a thoughtful manner, shredding is probably the safest and most eco- friendly way to dispose of paper records.


There are strict laws relating to raffles and lotteries. There are also legal requirements regarding prizes, the costs of running a raffle or lottery and the way they are organised. Get in contact with your local authority before holding one and before you spend money on printing tickets.


Food Standards Agency

Lots of useful information on how to prepare food safely and hygienically.

Health and Safety Executive

Provides advice on keeping safe and legal.

Institute of Fundraising

Features information on the best ways to fundraise.