Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

The Foundation provides assistance to improve the quality of life and wellbeing for young individuals
(see note 1) who have sustained catastrophic injury (see note 2) through sport or the pursuit of other physical recreational activities.

Matt was spinally injured in 2005 and a lot of our beneficiaries have suffered similar injuries but despite what many may think we are not just a spinal injury charity. We help lots of individuals who have suffered a variety of serious sporting injuries which have led to either a permanent disability or had serious long term effects on the individual.

If you have suffered a serious injury through sport and would like to contact the foundation for assistance visit the contacts page and one of our team will respond as soon as we can.

We will always be able to offer some assistance whether it's to sign post to other organisations who may be more relevant or simply by putting you in touch with other people who may have been through a similar experience.

'Young' is defined by the Foundation as 'from school age to 30'. This definition does not however preclude anyone whose age falls outside of this definition from applying to the Foundation for assistance.
A catastrophic injury can be defined as one that leaves a person suffering from permanent disability and has serious, long-term effects on the individual involved.