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REX launch

Matt Hampson and Foundation CEO Tommy Cawston were in attendance at Moulton College's Chris Moody Centre in Northamptonshire earlier this week where PhysioFunction launched the worlds first hands-free, self supporting, independently controlled robotic walking device – REX (Exoskeleton Technology).

Demonstrating the REX was Foundation Beneficiary Anna Turney and Matt is hoping to book in a session in the coming weeks.

PhysioFunction provides Neuro Physiotherapy to individuals with neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury, MS and Parkinsons. They are also the only independent company to offer the full range of Function Electrical Stimulation Technology, that can speed up a person’s recovery or provide a solution to long-term functional challenges such as foot drop.
REX will be used at their clinic in the Chris Moody Rehabilitation Centre, Northampton as part of their specialised rehabilitation programmes for patients with SCI, severe Multiple Sclerosis and patients with hemiplegia arising from stroke or head injury.

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