Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

Omnia Causa Fiunt: 10 years on

Yesterday, 15th March was for many a day of joy, Mother’s day. For the Foundation it was a day of reflection as it marked 10 years since Matt’s accident.

“Get Busy Living” is a quote taken from Matt’s favourite film, The Shawshank Redemption. The short phrase was one that resonated within Matt and continues to today. Over the last 10 years Matt has been the personification of Get Busy Living having raised over £1 million, helped over 200 people and touched the lives of thousands.

As noted in Matt’s book ENGAGE, Shortly after his accident Matt told his father that he would “be a better person for this”. True to his word, Hambo has dedicated his time to inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured or disabled through sport. Matt says “I don’t think I initially believed it. But I am just starting to now and I do think it has made me a better person.”

Ever determined, Matt is looking forward. The big goal is to build the Get Busy Living! Centre. Based in a renovated aircraft hanger in the Leicestershire countryside, the centre will provide rehabilitation and physiotherapy to seriously injured and disabled young people.

“My approach to rugby is the way I lead my life – always wanting to improve and always wanting bigger and better things.” Hambo.

Learn more about Matt’s last 10 years in the original BBC Sport story here:

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