Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport


In 2011 the Matt Hampson Foundation was officially granted charity status with the aim of inspiring and supporting young people who have been seriously injured through sport or physical recreation. In 4 short years the Foundation has over 80 beneficiaries and has helped hundreds more. But this is about to change.

In 2015 the planning for the Get Busy Living Centre has been approved!

After searching for some time, raising funds and finally finding an abandoned air hanger near Melton Mowbray the Foundation put in for planning.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our planning has been approved and that the Get Busy Living Centre will be built!

With the construction of the Centre the amount of people the Foundation can help will greatly increase.

For a long time now, Matt’s dream has been to build a rehabilitation centre. Having gone through the ordeal of a serious and life changing injury, Matt knows just how important receiving support, advice and rehabilitation can be. The GBL Centre will offer exactly that to beneficiaries and many more.

The video below features comedian James Corden discussing the importance of the Centre, and an artist’s impression of what the centre will look like.


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