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No Haircuts or Shaving for 1 Year

For 1 year Matt Potterton won’t shave or cut his hair. All to raise money for the Foundation.

The father of four has decided to spend the next year growing his hair out for charity. ‘Potty,’ as he’s known by his friends, decided to take up the challenge after his daughter, Natasha (pictured left) asked him what he looked like with hair. Having spent the last 18 years shaving his head, Potty has now decided to take up the challenge of putting down the razor!

Starting on the 11th June, Potty won’t cut or shave his hair for exactly one year. Talking about the inspiration for the challenge he said “As someone with thick, curly wirey hair I shaved my head for the last 18 years. It’s a bit of a family flaw, this hair curse.”

The 32 year old said he had no other charity in mind when deciding who to support. After reading Matt’s book Engage Potty says “I truely understood the enormity of what he and his family faced and his positivity throughout despite the dark moments. What he has achieved and wants to achieve is a true inspiration.”

The unique challenge is testament to how creative you can be when fundraising for charity! We’ll keep you up to date with Potty’s progress! You can support him here

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