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...Stuff Ben Said Now on Sale!

He's entertained rugby fans all over the world in the colours of club and country, and now Ben Youngs is about to prove he is just as entertaining in print.

The @stuffbensaid Twitter account provides a unique look at life through the eyes of the popular scrum-half with Leicester Tigers, England and the British & Irish Lions. Now the team behind the account has gathered together its 'greatest hits' in print format.

Together with tributes from team-mates and other big names in the rugby world, including World Cup winners Martin Johnson and Jonny Wilkinson, the book has been published to coincide with Ben's wedding this summer.

Tigers team-mate Croft said: "The Twitter account just started as a way of sharing some of the things Ben said about life in general - like all the things he struggles with!

"It started on tour with England in Australia in 2010, just because he says so many funny things about everyday stuff.

"At first it was me and Chutes, but then the other lads, friends and then even family were sending them through. It sounds cruel but it's very funny!

"As part of my Best Man speech I thought 'Why not launch the book at his wedding to commemorate the day, highlight to the world how 'interesting' he is and to help raise some money for Hambo's Foundation too'?

"You'd think that as a family man, he might be growing up a bit, but I'm hoping we'll still have enough material for a Volume Two in the future!"

'Stuff Ben Said' is now available for purchase here and all profits are donated to the Matt Hampson Foundation. 

Here are some extracts from the wonderful world of @Stuffbensaid

"What's that island with all the stone heads on it? Isn't it called Easter Egg Island?"

Me: "Brian only has one lung. Lost the other to cancer."
Lendrid: "I only found out we had two lungs last year. Can't remember how I found out."

Lendrid: "When's your wedding?"
Blaine: "July 4th."
Lendrid: "Oh, Happy New Year!"
Blaine: "I think you mean Happy Independence Day."
Lendrid: "Oh."

"You know when the world was all connected, well when it all broke up, where did all the extra water come from?"

Lendrid: "My stew is really dry."
Tom: "Did you add stock?"
Lendrid: "Yes, two cubes."
Tom: "Did you add water to the cubes?"
Lendrid: "Do I need to?"

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