Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

7 Hours Tied Together to Raise Awareness and Funds!

Darcie (pictured left) and her friend Olivia (right) spent the day tied together at their school fair. The 6 and a half hour challenge aimed to raise awareness and funds for the Matt Hampson Foundation.

For her organisation of the challenge Darcie achieved a Gold Young Leaders award, as one of only two people to receive this award at her school. Darcie also gave a presentation on the Foundation and Matt, helping to promote the Get Busy Living campaign.

Olivia and Darcie took part in an egg and spoon race as well as a skipping race with some very different results, earning a medal for their effort!

Darcie said “We wanted to raise our understanding of what it must be like to have to rely on someone else all of the time.” Seriously injured and disabled people can require up to two carers 24 hours a day.

The Yorkshire pair managed to raise £75 which was generously matched by Darcie’s fathers company Dep Arts raising the total to £150! A big thank you to Darcie, Olivia and Dep Arts from everyone at the Matt Hampson Foundation!


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