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'15 Handsome Men of Rugby' are Putting Flowers in their Fulsome Beards during the Rugby World Cup for Charity

During the Rugby World Cup in September/October Rugby town will be celebrating the game and it's place in it's history to thousands of visitors from around the world keen to explore the birthplace of the modern game.

Simon Ainley, owner of GardenGate flower shop in Rugby has teamed up with Mr Robinson, an award winning barber, and Jamie Gray, one of the Town's most respected young photographers, and developed the concept of 'Rugbeards'. An eye-catching celebration of the Town, it's creative spirit and, importantly, to raise money for 2 Rugby charities; Hope 4 and the Matt Hampson Foundation.

Talking to the Matt Hampson Foundation, Simon said “During the World Cup the images will be on display in our capacious shop. Prints will be on sale and we hope to see as many visitors at the exhibition as possible!”

Not only that, a beardy photobooth will be installed for visitors to take their own image - bearded and flowered!

The final 15 individual shots will be fantastically eye-catching and unique and you can follow the project here


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