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Foundation Supporter Raises Hundreds Taking Part in the Mallorca IronMan

In 2015, Foundation supporter Phil Wege took on the Mallorca IronMan and fundraised hundreds of pounds for the Matt Hampson Foundation. Phil covered 70.3km in a staggering 11 hours 48 minutes and 20 seconds! We caught up with Phil and found out his motivations and why he chose to Get Busy Living:

Could you tell me what first motivated you to do the Mallorca Ironman?

I had been competing in sprint and Olympic distance triathlons since around 1990 and each year I would say "next year I'll race an Ironman triathlon" and, of course, never did. This changed after one or two (or maybe more) beers last New Year's Eve when I decided to make 2015 the year. Surprisingly, I recalled this in the morning and entered the race that day.

Why did you choose to support the Matt Hampson Foundation?

I wished to support an organisation which was started by someone who could emerge from such a debilitating injury with a positive, constructive and charitable mindset - something I'm pretty sure I could not do. The aim of passing such values and attitude onto others who find themselves in similar situations is something I feel is worth supporting.

What obstacles did you have to overcome leading up to or during the Ironman?

Racing over this distance requires a vast amount of training which needs to be balanced with work and family life. I found it difficult at first to moderate my running pace to something which could be sustained over a marathon distance and to prevent injury.

What advice or motivation would you give to someone who was thinking of doing a similar challenge for the Foundation?

Firstly, just do it! The sense of achievement is always worth the hard work up front. If you can raise some funds for and awareness of a worthy cause such as MHF then that is an additional benefit which requires far less effort.

If you are interested in taking part in a half or full marathon for the Foundation we have places in the London Marathon, Great North Run, British 10K and many more... please email for more information. 

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