Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

Potty Finishes a Year of No Shaving!

Last year Potty’s daughter asked him why he always kept his hair and face shaved and challenged him to grow it out. He chose to use this as a fundraising opportunity for the Foundation and now 365 days later he can finally have the chop!

Matt “Potty” Potterton has always had “curly wirey hair” so kept his hair shaved for over 18 years, but took on the challenge when his daughter dared him.

After 365 days of great patience he can finally get rid of his wild hair and impressive beard!

His fundraising efforts have raised over £500 for the Foundation here which will go a long way to improving the life of a young person seriously injured through sport! Alternatively you can text "PHAB95 £1" to 70070 to donate.

Thanks Potty! We’ll send you one of our new Obble Get Busy Living hats as we think your head might be cold now! 


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