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Joy's Skydiving Raises over £1000 for the Foundation!

Joy Plummer's fundraising efforts raise over £1300 for the Foundation.

Joy won the chance to skydive last year at Sportbash and has raised over £1300 for the Matt Hampson Foundation in the process!

A couple of weeks ago a nervous Joy plummeted towards earth in an effort to raise money for the charity, after her original jump date had to be postponed due to strong winds!

Joy said  "After strong winds (climactic, not mine) prevented my jumping on 9th, I finally leapt on Saturday 16th. It was undeniably the scariest experience I have ever had! We jumped from 12,500 ft., plummeted towards the earth for the next 8,000, and then the canopy opened and we landed safely a few moments later. I could not stand afterwards, not because of injury (there was none) but because my legs turned to jelly. So, so scary!"

You can still sponsor Joy here

Thanks Joy!

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