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“Matt Hampson Get Busy Living” Disability Sport Awards Awarded by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Last month Hinckley and Bosworth held their first borough sports awards ceremony. Two awards for sporting achievement in disabled sports were awarded and they were given the new name in recognition of Matt and the work of the Foundation.

The two awards went to Mathew Chilvers (pictured) and Edward Green. Hinckley and Bosworth Health and Recreation Manager Graeme Chilvers wrote the following about the two winners:

Matt Hampson Get Busy Living Award (Junior) - Edward Green
Edward was born with less than 50% sight, which makes it challenging to undertake most sports. However at an early age he decided to take up sailing which can be a dangerous and challenging sport at the best of times.
Aged 11 he joined the LRYSA and aged 12 was selected for the youth sailing team, sailing single handed in competitions both inland and on the sea.
This year he competed in the National Schools Sailing Competition in Norfolk against 300 other sailors finishing 5. He was awarded the High Flyer award and was invited to Weymouth for 5 days special training by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.

Matt Hampson Get Busy Living Award - Matthew Chilvers
Matt’s tennis continues to improve year on year.

In October 15 at the Tennis Foundation/ National Learning Disabilities Tennis Championships he won Silver in singles and Bronze in doubles placing him in the top 8 player nationally.

In November 15 he was selected to represent the East Midlands at next years special Olympic National Games at Sheffield

In January 16: He was selected at a Go Gold athlete by Leicester-shire and Rutland Sport

He has been in group one at every regional competition he has entered this year and has always finished in the top three.

He was a member of the AFC Barwell Inclusive Football team who won the Regional Tournament and were runners up in the Midland Tournament.


The Foundation is delighted to hear of the great achievements by both Matthew and Edward. Hambo expressed his gratitude upon hearing about the awards and would like to congratulate both of the young men on their sporting triumphs.

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