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Jonny Gould Joins Spencer to Receive his ReWalk Legs at Naidex

Jonny Gould joined the Foundation team at Naidex this week to see Spencer receive his ReWalk legs, the exoskeleton that assists Spencer to walk thanks to Jonny's work at the Six Nations Dinner.

Last month at the Six Nations Dinner, Auctioneer Jonny Gould was one of over 950 guests to witness Spencer walking in the amazing ReWalk legs. He then discovered that they didn't belong to Spencer and he was in face exhibiting them. Jonny took it upon himself to ask the extremely generous people in attendance to pledge money if they would like to see Spencer own his very own pair. 

Amazingly, 14 generous individuals helped make it a reality and Spencer received his very own pair of ReWalk legs earlier this week at Naidex. True to his word, Jonny had promised to come and visit Spencer when he received them. 

Naidex is Europe’s largest event dedicated to the care, rehab and lifestyle of people with a disability or impairment. Setting no limit on potential, Naidex combines 250 world-class exhibitors, 150 thought provoking speakers, industry-leading experts, 1-2-1 advice, live demos, specialised zones (including Mobility, Sport, Tech and Children & Young people to name a few!), a fully hands-on inclusive marketplace and unrivalled networking opportunities. Motivating, inspiring and forward-thinking, Naidex gives you the future of disability technology, services, lifestyle and care.

Speaking at Naidex Spencer said "it's just amazing what he's done for me, and everyone who pledged. Thanks to them I can walk my kids to the park and to school" 

Jonny and Spencer have a few ideas already on how they plan to top this years event next year. You can learn about the 2018 Six Nations Dinner and how to book your table here.

You can watch the moment that inspired Jonny below:

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