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Tony Dauncey’s Epic 41st Challenge

Foundation supporter Tony is taking on a massive challenge in his 41st year. In the 41 weeks before his 41st birthday he is swimming 41 miles, running 410 miles and cycling 4100 kilometers!

In the process, Tony will be taking on the Bristol Olympic Triathlon, Clevedon Sprint Triathlon, London Olympic Triathlon and the Weymouth 70.3 Ironman this year!

Speaking about the reason Tony has chosen to support the Foundation during this epic year, he said “the Matt Hampson Foundation is a cause that inspires me. In 2001 I suffered a near life changing injury through rugby.  A tackling incident caused a compressed fracture to the C6/C7 vertebrae in my neck.  I was fortunate, as despite me ignoring the symptoms for some time, surgeons were able to fuse the two vertebrae together and repair most of the damage allowing me to return to the rugby field and continue a normal life.

Not everyone is as fortunate and the inspirational stories of how people like Matt Hampson and Henry Fraser have dealt with their life changing injuries, and gone on to achieve great things whilst helping others, has driven me to want to raise funds for this great cause.”

You can follow Tony’s progress on his blog here

And you can support Tony in his epic challenge by donating here

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