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Tony Dauncey Completes the Weymouth Ironman for the Foundation

Tony Dauncey who is in full flow of his "41st Challenge" for the Matt Hampson Foundation completed the Weymouth IronMan last weekend!  

Foundation supporter Tony is taking on a massive challenge in his 41st year. In the 41 weeks before his 41st birthday he is swimming 41 miles, running 410 miles and cycling 4100 kilometres!

As part of this epic challenge, Tony took part in the 2017 Weymouth Ironman which included a 1900m swim, 90.1km cycle and 21.1km run! Tony finished the absolutely mammoth challenge in 6:15:44. Tony also managed to place an impressive 165th out of 361 competitors. Not bad for someone who "couldn't run a mile 21 months ago and was 5 stone heavier"

You can read Tony's own write-up of the Ironman on his blog here and can sponsor him here

Speaking about what he found hardest about the challenge, Tony said "During the Ironman I went to some dark places mentally, being sick in the swim, not being able to get any nutrition in during the ride and then hitting the wall in the run, the opportunity to quit presents itself often. However the support of my family, friends and the crowd combined with the people who have supported my challenge helped drive me through." 

We're really impressed by Tony and what he's enduring to support the Foundation, and appreciate his support massively.

Best of luck for your remaining challenges Tony!




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