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Physiotherapy at Get Busy Living Centre

The Matt Hampson Foundation is delighted to announce that Josie Ledbetter recently joined the team as Lead Physio. Providing the highest quality physiotherapy treatment for beneficiaries has always been a high priority for Matt and was always going to be a huge part of the offer provided by the Get Busy Living Centre.

Josie is hugely respected within her field and qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from the University of East London in 2004. Specialising in neurological rehabilitation Josie has worked both in the NHS and the private sector and got to know Matt a couple of years ago whilst providing him with treatment.

“I feel genuinely lucky to be part of the team at the Foundation. The facilities are fantastic and everyone is here for the same reason, to have a positive impact on the lives of the beneficiaries. It’s an inspiring place to work.”

Josie knows the importance of making sure physiotherapy is part of an inclusive and holistic approach to rehabilitation.

“The great thing about what the Foundation is looking to provide is that the physiotherapy treatment isn’t seen as a standalone part of recovery. Supporting people through what is often a long path of recovery involves identifying key milestones and giving them the confidence to achieve. When life changing injuries occur to an individual leaving hospital can often be quite an isolating experience. What we aim to do is to motivate people to get on track to reclaiming as much independence as possible and the GBL Centre is the perfect environment and atmosphere to do that.”

Getting Josie on board is another major step towards gearing up the Centre for its official opening later in the year. At the Foundation’s heart is the understanding that it’s not just good enough to have the best facilities and equipment. It’s the people involved who create the positive atmosphere and culture needed for great things to be achieved. Josie’s huge depth of physiotherapy knowledge and experience along with her infectiously positive attitude make her a great addition to Team Hambo.

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