Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

Introducing New Recruit James Sutliff

In 2008 James woke up to find his speech was slurred and distorted. Over the next few months it gradually got worse and he noticed that he was starting to lose control over some of his fingers and one of his thumbs. It took 5 years for James to be diagnosed with the rare condition Dystonia and during that time his life had changed forever. Unable to carry on as a plumber James was facing an uncertain future.
This is where ‘Sutty’ made a choice which makes him the perfect new addition to the team at the Foundation. He took the hard option and decided to Get Busy Living. Over the next few years he threw himself whole heartedly in to proving that his disability was not going to get in his way. As well as keeping himself in great shape, which is not an easy task given the issues his condition presents him, James decided he wanted to help inspire others to achieve their health and fitness ambitions regardless of the challenges they face.
It’s been a journey of courage and resilience that has seen James get recognition and coverage all over the world. James has appeared on TV programmes in the UK such as This Morning and Amazing Humans. His story has also been reported in articles in the press both here and abroad with the New Zealand Herald running a touching piece on James. His determination and ability to achieve despite having all the odds stacked against him has truly inspired people across the globe.
“It’s fantastic to have him join the Foundation providing the kind of expert support that many of our beneficiaries need. Just as importantly though James’s story provides inspiration and helps to raise the aspirations of those who he works with.”
Matt Hampson
James is delighted to join us and is already having an impact on our beneficiaries although he isn’t joining the rest of Team Hambo on the regular Pizza binges! “I’ve known Hambo for a long time and the set up and environment here at the Centre is perfect for me, it’s amazing to be a part of the Foundation. I love the feeling that helping others gives you, everyone needs to keep fit and having a disability shouldn’t necessarily prevent you from exercising.”
James Sutliff
James is at the Get Busy Living Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays providing personal training for beneficiaries. Away from the Foundation James has a healthy portfolio of clients who he trains at a couple of gyms in Leicester. His clients include people with Parkinson’s, severe arthritis, Cerebral Palsy and cancer sufferers and many with numerous mental health issues as well as those with prosthetic limbs. Find out more about the man and his truly inspiring story by visiting his website

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