Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

ReWalk Demonstration

There were some heroic and quite emotional scenes at the GBL Centre recently when beneficiaries were able to test out a set of amazing ReWalk robotic legs.
Stephen Ruffle, ReWalk Robotics Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland, brought the Sixth Generation ReWalk Personal System along to the Centre to demonstrate what they can do.
“Development started in 2002 and the First Generation were launched a decade later in 2012. We’re now in to the Sixth generation and we have 500 devices being used across the globe with 20 here in the UK”.
They don’t come cheap, costing around £85k, but Stephen went on to say how many people fund procurement of a set as part of their litigation settlement if they became injured due to an accident of some kind.
The benefits of using the equipment even just for rehab purposes are huge both physically and in terms of mental well-being.
Beneficiary John Silvester had a go using the legs and walked for the first time since his accident 13 months ago.
“It just felt so natural once I got used to them and I picked it up really quickly. It’s a bit like riding a bike I suppose. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face whilst I was using them, it was fantastic.”
It was a special moment to see John take his first steps since the accident that left him needing to use a wheelchair just over a year ago. The impact of the experience was profound and not just on John but also his parents. It’s easy to forget that when people suffer a life changing injury it doesn’t just change their own life but also the lives of those around them. That’s why the Get Busy Living Centre is so important and is already helping so many people.
A big thank you to Jon Graham from Physio Function for making the day a huge success.

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