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Wings for Life Team Visit GBL Centre!

The team from Wings for Life led by CEO Emma Hind paid the Get Busy Living Centre a visit last week and were blown away by their visit. Emma commented “It was amazing to see it all in reality, the Foundation have done an incredible job not just to raise the money but also to build such a warm Inclusive space. Huge congratulations!”

Wings for Life are a not for profit spinal cord research Foundation, whose mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Foundation CEO Tommy Cawston talked about the importance of the charities working together “ We have always got on well with the Wings for Life team, they have a similar ethos to us here at the Foundation. We help people who have suffered spinal cord Injuries in the here and now and they are looking at finding a cure to helping help the same Group of people in the future so it’s so important their work is supported as it gives hope to so many and that is so crucial.”

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