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Beth Climbs Kili!

Beth Dawkins has successfully reached the summit of Kilimanjaro in support of the Matt Hampson Foundation.

Talking about the experience Beth said “On 13th March at about 07.10am I managed to get to the peak of Kilimanjaro after a long and gruelling 5-day trek. Summit day was really tough, feeling the effects of altitude, we trekked for 8 hours in the day to get to base camp, slept for 2 hours and then started our final ascent at midnight, climbing for 6.5 hours in the cold and dark conditions, before the sun came up and we made our final push to the summit. I’ve never felt so empty physically, but it made it all worthwhile when I held aloft the Get Busy Living flag - and I felt proud to do so!”

We would like to thank Beth for all her support for the Foundation and if you are thinking of doing something similar then please contact Paige via email on

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