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Julian Evans Summits Mt Everest

Foundation Trustee Julian Evans summited Mount Everest on Thursday 23rd May at 12.35am (BST) raising over £100,000 For the Matt Hampson Foundation.

Julian commented on his twitter account “It took Around 35 hours from Advanced Base Camp to reach the summit. Storms ripped through tents, climber congestion near the top as shown in the news in recent days and sadly deaths, made for a torrid night. We survived though!”

Matt Hampson on Julian’s achievement had this to say “ we are all so proud of Julian for his latest achievement in climbing Everest for the Foundation. We were all getting a bit worried with all the news coverage Everest is getting at the moment, however it was amazing to wake to the news from Jules that he had summited and was safely back at base camp. We look forward to welcoming him home and hearing all about it”

If you would like to sponsor Jules here is the link to his fundraising page

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