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Seb’s Hand-Cycle for Phil!

On 30th June Seb Goold a beneficiary of the Foundation will be doing a 26 mile Marathon length circumvention of Rutland Water on his HAND-CYCLE to raise money to help family friend Phil purchase a much needed electric wheelchair which will make a huge difference to his and his family’s life. Phil was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease five years ago and this wheelchair will make a huge difference to both his and his families lives. 

Seb expect this to take him maybe 5 hours of eye-popping effort but he is determined to do it as so many people have helped him over the last 5 years. Foundation CEO Tommy Cawston commented “ Seb is a wonderful young man and it doesn’t surprise me that he has decided to do something like this to support Phil, he’s always been someone to give back and he is a big part of the Foundation and somebody we are very proud of”

To sponsor Seb please follow this link

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