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Hambo’s Lockdown Olympics

As the Coronavirus has put us all indoors it is important to try to keep everyone entertained.

Hambo to keep himself occupied has come up with his Lockdown Olympics! If you haven’t seen already, this is what he’s been up to so far this week.

Challenge 1 – The Jaffa Cake Challenge! Start off with a Jaffa Cake (other products are available) on your forehead and try to move it down into your mouth without using your hands!

Challenge 2 – Neck-A-Pint-Of-Water-With-A-Straw Challenge! As the majority of people don’t really drink as much water as they should. A good way of getting a pint in quickly !

Challenge 3 – Limbo Challenge! All you need for this one is a tape measure and a pole.

Challenge 4 - Banana eating challenge, how quickly can Hambo eat a banana with peel on.

Challenge 5 - Drag Racing ! Hambo gets beat in this one!

New challenges are coming out every day so be sure to stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to take part or come up with your own events.

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