Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

Train with Sutty on YouTube

The Foundation’s Specialist disability coach and personal trainer Sutty has been busy keeping our beneficiaries active during this difficult time.

Posting regular workout sessions on our YouTube channel Sutty has covered core, cardio and strength training sessions.

Sutty commented “ I’m missing all the regulars from the Get Busy Living centre but I’m in contact with most of them on a daily basis and it’s great to see them all training hard at home. It’s so important to maintain active during this period of lockdown both for the physical benefits but also for our mental well being. These videos have been designed for our beneficiaries but anyone can use them and hopefully we can reach out to lots more individuals who are in similar positions”.

One of our beneficiaries who is training hard is Adam Clarke “Staying active is really important in helping me manage my disability and I was really concerned social distancing would make it impossible to keep moving. This kit from the Foundation and the regular work out videos will make an enormous difference and help me stay healthy at home during the pandemic.”

The work outs are available on the Foundation You Tube channel

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