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Sutty's One Million Metre Lockdown II Challenge

With the news of a second national lockdown and gyms closing across the country fromThursday, our personal trainer Sutty has challenged our incredible beneficiaries to a One Million Metre Lockdown II Challenge. Whether they are out for a push, a handcycle, using an FES bike, doing a Ski-Erg session or walking during their physio sessions, every metre counts towards our target of reaching one million metres by the time lockdown ends.

The Get Busy Living Centre will remain open for physio and essential rehabilitation for our beneficiaries, but unfortunately all personal training sessions will have to stop for now. We provided beneficiaries with home gym kits during the first lockdown so we are fully prepared this time round for Sutty to offer bespoke sessions remotely. However, Sutty felt a challenge would keep everyone motivated and united in what will be a difficult time for us all. The first lockdown was a challenging period for all of our beneficiaries and this one will be no different, but in Sutty’s words it is what it is! The One Million Metre Lockdown II Challenge will keep everyone active which is so important for both physical and mental health and if we can raise some much-needed funds for the Foundation - even better.

Hambo, as ever, will be taking part in the challenge and said: ‘’Our beneficiaries are all amazing and we really kept each other going during the first lockdown. I think Sutty’s challenge is a great idea to keep us all active and connected and hopefully we can inspire others to do likewise. We’d love our supporters and their friends and families to join in too”.

The Matt Hampson Foundation will be taking part in Giving Tuesday this December 1st. Keep an eye on our social media channels for details of how to get involved and tell us what your personal One Million Metre Lockdown II Challenge will be. Also, be sure to tag us in all your photos and videos so we can see what you’re up to.

Click this LINK to download Sutty's how to get involved pdf.

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