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Foundation supports paralympian’s call for support for disabled during lockdown

Leading paralympian Sophie Carigill is calling for more to be done to help disabled people benefit from physical activity during the pandemic in a Guardian article this week. A sentiment strongly supported by the Foundation.

Research has shown that lockdown has caused a sharp decline in physical activity amongst disabled people, with only 23% able to exercise for 30 minutes or more due to government restrictions.

Matt said: “Lockdown has been difficult for everyone but particularly for disabled people who can be less independent, less mobile and often isolated from friends and family. Physical and mental health are so closely linked, its essential that people keep active and motivated whilst in lockdown to stay healthy and happy.

“We fully support Sophie’s call for more to be done. The fitness industry and social media influencers need to become more aware and inclusive of disabled people’s needs when it comes to exercise. Here at the Foundation we would encourage anyone wanting to get active to head to our YouTube channel where we have many adapted and accessible home workouts with our personal trainer.”

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