Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

You can support the Foundation in many different ways. You can attend one of our many and varied fundraising events, including dinners, special evenings with guest appearances from the rugby world, celebrity rugby and cricket matches and many more.

Check out our calendar of events, there is bound to be something for you. If you are feeling more active we secure places in some of the biggest sporting fundraisers, including the London Marathon and 'Run to the Beat'. Places go quickly, so if you are interested in raising money for the Foundation through one of these events, please do get in touch. If you have your own event in mind and you would like the proceeds to come to the Foundation do let us know. We have some incredible support from people doing amazing things. See our 'Be Inspired' section for examples of some things people have been doing.

People are drawn to supporting the Foundation for many reasons. They may be avid rugby supporters and know the risks of playing such a physical game. They may have been touched by Matt's story and found it an inspiration to 'Get busy living' or they may support raising awareness of disability. Whatever the motivation to get involved, every supporter is regarded as part of the Foundation and therefore become a member of 'Team Hambo'.

No event is too small, all help is gratefully appreciated. If you are looking for sponsorship we have a Justgiving page to make it easier for your supporters and enables us to also claim Gift aid, which makes a massive difference.

Goals and Projects 2014-15

To continue to help and support everyone who contacts us. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can always offer some help to everyone that contacts us. The Foundation treats each individual request for help and support in a very personal way; Matt or one of our senior members of staff will always meet the individual or have some form of direct contact with them. The biggest help is often the knowledge that there are people to talk to who have been through a similar experience. To have these individuals as role models is really important and of huge inspiration in the initial stages after a catastrophic injury.

Our support can take many forms:

  • Paying a person’s mortgage whilst they are in hospital so they can focus on their rehabilitation rather than worrying about money.

  • Providing specialised equipment allowing someone to get back into sport or to further their rehabilitation potential.

  • Paying university or vocational course fees to help an individual move on with their lives.

  • Paying travel expenses so families can afford to regularly visit their loved ones in hospital.

  • Every individual’s needs are different but having lived the journey Matt and our other beneficiaries are the perfect people to know what help and advice is required.

2. Get Busy Living Centre

The Foundation’s big goal is to build the ‘Get Busy Living Centre’ a place where our beneficiaries can come to receive rehabilitation through physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or to meet others in a similar position who can pass on advice and inspire each other to move on with their lives. It has become more apparent that the biggest support we can provide is by bringing individuals and their families together to share knowledge and experiences and by having a headquarters this sort of interaction can happen on a more regular basis. We will be able to invite young injured sportsmen and women to the centre on a daily basis and have an open door policy for all beneficiaries who can book in to use the rehabilitation facilities or to just come and spend time with other people in a similar position. Matt felt the support he received from others who had been through a similar experience was vital in encouraging him to focus his mind on ‘getting busy living’, and now he inspires others to do the same. We are currently in discussion with a company willing to contribute by way of building the centre once we have found a suitable site, which will significantly reduce the level of funds that need to be raised. However, once built this will need to be furnished and filled with state of the art rehabilitation equipment.

Approx costs - £500,000+