Inspiring and Supporting young people seriously injured through sport

Gym & Social Hub

The Get Busy Living centre is a truly inspiring place which welcomes beneficiaries and their families from all over the UK, providing access to the kind of holistic support that is key in helping them to overcome the challenges they face.

The centre has a state-of-the-art gym, a specialist disability personal trainer and highly experienced physiotherapists to provide beneficiaries with physical rehabilitation. Matt and other seasoned beneficiaries provide the kind of advice that can only really be given by those who have lived through a life-changing injury. This focus on enhancing the mental well-being of individuals as well as their close family is what makes the centre such a unique place. 

Upstairs, the gym is packed full of specialist equipment from treadmills and ski-ergs to adapted cross-trainers and rowing machines. There is also a weights area, barre and all the usual supportive equipment you would expect. Added to this we have a physiotherapy area and treatment rooms where our team of neurophysiotherapists and sports therapists work with our beneficiaries to design and implement specialised programmes based on each person’s specific needs and injuries.

Downstairs, you will find the social hub where every person coming through the doors receives a warm welcome. Our social hub incorporates a relaxing lounge with big screen TVs, giant comfy sofas, a table tennis and a fully-equipped adapted kitchen where staff prepare home-cooked meals every day for our beneficiaries. There is often a Foundation ambassador, trustee or our patron making a visit and always someone on hand for advice about diet and nutrition, bowel management or just a chat with others in the community on the same journey.  

The Get Busy Living Centre is located in the heart of the beautiful Leicestershire countryside and its creation has been a long held personal ambition of Matt’s.  The centre is the culmination of years of planning, dedication and endeavour and is the beating heart of the Foundation. 

The centre is a place where people can come to explore their new identity as a disabled person and work towards what they want to achieve. To share their personal experiences and benefit from the advice of those who understand their unique challenges. With the opportunity to be assigned a mentor who has been affected by a similar injury, the centre provides an environment where people are inspired and supported to ensure that they Get Busy Living.

The Centre is open five days a week to beneficiaries and their families, whether they are coming to socialise, use the gym or receive rehabilitation with our physiotherapy team. 

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