Inspiring and supporting young people seriously injured through sport

Matt explains how he was a talented rugby player, playing for England U21 and Leicester Tigers, loving his sport and in his absolute prime when a tragic accident turned his life upside down when a scrum collapsed on top of him, breaking his neck and leaving him quadriplegic and breathing on a ventilator.

His story is one of courage, bravery and absolute determination. At the heart of Matt's story is his real clarity on his purpose and goals. Matt tells of how he draws strength and energy from this combined with his mantra of 'focus on what you can do not what you can't'. He explains how he set up the Foundation, the work we do and shares some of the stories of the people we have helped, referred to as 'Team Hambo'!

His story and message has a place in the corporate world where many leaders grapple with 'what's it all about' and struggle to stay resilient in a volatile, pressured business environment. Matt's story shows what pure determination and clarity of purpose can achieve.

Likewise, outside the business world, Matt's talk brings an interesting addition to the agenda of any clubs, groups or societies. His message really does have universal appeal.

The talk lasts 20-30 minutes and includes some video footage. Matt can of course tailor it to your needs and any particular theme you would like your audience to hear.

If you would like to arrange for Matt to speak at an event please do get in touch with the Foundation's office. Whilst there is no set fee for this, we would welcome a donation to the Foundation to help us to support even more young people.

What people have said after one of Matt's talks 

Matt is the ultimate motivational speaker. He personifies drive, determination, discipline and dignity. After hearing him speak, it's hard to walk away without wanting to try harder, do better and be more grateful for one's own path. Daniela Lacey

Hambo’s talk had some poignant moments for me. One minute he’s playing a game of rugby training to be the best he can be to perform in a sport he loves. His next recollection was waking in hospital unable to move from his neck down. It wasn’t planned, expected and certainly not chosen. How many people living today think of the moment and the best they can be in the moment because that’s all we have? Hambo even had the courage to say why not me when he realised the severity of what had happened. True courage and strength from a very inspirational guy. Voltaire is quoted as saying ‘every man is guilty of all the good he did not do’……not Matt. I will run my next half marathon to raise money for his cause. Richard Roden

I was very privileged to meet Matt and listen to his story and inspiring journey. It puts into prospective what can be achieved through determination and a will to carry on against all odds. A great talk from a man who reminded me that whatever your situation is you choose to do the best you can and strive to your goals whatever your passion. Jonathan Finlan

Listening to Matt reminded me that we may personally go through really tough times in our lives (none of which remotely compare to what he and his family went through) but determination and a positive attitude will win the day. Get Busy Living today is my new mantra because tomorrow you may not be able to do what you have been promising to do but never quite got around to, for yourself and your loved ones. Seize the moment. Helen Roden